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  • “Outstanding Contributions to the Art of Jazz Dance”
  • Emmy® Awards for PBS documentary
  • “Twentieth Century Timeline of Jazz Choreographers and Innovators”
  • “The first genuine jazz dance technique in 40 years”
  • “Jump Rhythm,” “Standing Down Straight” and “American Rhythm Dancing” approved as registered trademarks
  • 2011 Choreographer of the Year Award
  • Choreographic commissions: European Union, LimĂłn Dance Foundation, National Performance Network
  • Jazz Dance World Congress Award for Outstanding Choreography
  • Ruth Page Award for Outstanding Choreography
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(It’s not just about the dancing!)


People who have seen a Jump Rhythm show or taken a Jump Rhythm class often comment on how “human” the experience feels — how Jump Rhythm’s fusion of dancing and singing and emotion touches people in a deep part of themselves.

It’s not an accident they say this.  Dancing and singing in this human way defines the performance tradition that Jump Rhythm grew out of.  It’s a tradition that celebrates the ages-old impulse in humans to use the body and voice to express what they feel inside themselves.

There’s another name for this inside-felt impulse.  It’s called energy.  Energy is that warm, stirring thing in us that makes our cells work, our hands do small miraculous things like untie a knot, and our minds dream of better worlds.

As the visionary poet William Blake wrote, “Energy is the only life, and is from the Body.”  Yes, energy is the river of life within us that, mysteriously, we can’t see but that, magically, we can all feel.  It’s also the gold heating up the core of every Jump Rhythm experience.  We love working at mining it in rehearsals and classes.  Then, when it’s ready to be “extracted,” we shape it into the rhythms we use to tell our stories with.

Given the above, there are a couple of reasons why you might also be a person Jump Rhythm touches deeply.  First, you, like us, are a container and conveyor of that mysterious, magical thing called energy.  Second, you, like us, might also be someone who enjoys taking the energy inside your body and finding ways to express it.  If you are, you find that when you let your energy fly you too love the sensation it brings of feeling more alive.   It’s as if you had just taken a drink of what Henry David Thoreau called “a draft of undiluted morning air.”  Thoreau coined another wonderful phrase for this sensation of feeling more alive: a “subscription ticket to morning time in this world.”

Jump Rhythm is looking to pass out more of these subscriptions tickets.  Please consider taking one and making us a part of your life.  Come to our shows; write us a blog; take class with us.  Indeed, a class in Jump Rhythm® Technique might just be what you’ve been looking for.  Its focus on dancing and singing from the heart and its uniquely injury-preventive, energy-awakening life-principle of “Standing Down Straight® might just be the way you can bring more morning-time into your world.

So, please, pay us more visits.  Come awaken yourself to what composer-percussionist-educator David Yoken calls “Jump Rhythm LIFE.”  Let your mind let go of its worries and let your rhythmic body-and-soul come out to play.  Come to Jump Rhythm and let its infectious beat-driven music tease out that pure gold in you – your own energy.  If you do, we predict that you too might awaken to the gift in yourself that you already possess. Yourself.


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